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Chocolate Chip Brioche Swirls

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Chocolate Chip Brioche Swirls

Leading up to Christmas (yes I realize it’s January already but mom life ya know?) I remembered how my mom always made a sweetheart coffee cake. Besides the mounds of presents, it was SO cool to have delicious homemade pastries for breakfast! I decided, then, that we needed to keep up the tradition..

The idea for these swirls came with lots of use of Zoe Francois’s Bread in 5-minute book and the intense desire to brioche. I’m not sure what other people get intense desires about but mine typically involve several sticks of butter.

Plus, I love that brioche can actually be stinking easy to make (ahead!).

When you’re ready for brioche-time, you just pull it out and bake.

I’m surprised no one’s created an Uber for Brioche just yet.

sassi kitchen chocolate chip brioche swirls
  1. Mix the dough in a big plastic tupperware

  2. Add chocolate chips

  3. Shape and bake

I actually did this a couple of days before Christmas. My soon helped me measure out the honey and add in all of the eggs and flour. The true key here is that you don’t need to knead.


You have to let it rise for 2 hours, and then can bake it right away or stick it in the fridge or freezer.

sassi kitchen chocolate chip brioche swirls

Christmas morning, we had one kid up but the other one was still sleeping (he’s 3 going on 17) so I decided it was the perfect time to get these in the oven.

My little helped me mix in the chocolate chips and grab a hunk that was about 1/3 of the dough.

I rolled that into one big log that I cut into 6 pieces, then I showed her how to shape it like play-doh into 6 mini logos that we could “swirl” by tucking the outer edge around and then under the bottom.

We let them sit until they were room temperature.

HA!!! I’m kidding of course.

We immediately brushed them with an egg wash and let them “come to room temperature” for like 5 minutes because that’s the type of people we are and then popped them into the oven.

Totally worth it.

I wanted to save the rest of the dough but thought I might not use it up RIGHT away… so I put some plastic wrap all around the inside of 2 loaf pans and divided up the dough so it would freeze in that shape.

Last week we pulled out one of the frozen doughs, popped it into a greased loaf pan overnight, and then baked it the next morning!

Side note 1: There’s a ton of butter in here. Don’t let that stop you from adding more once it’s out of the oven.

Side note 2: If you think Side note 1 is completely obvious why would you even point it out - we should probably be friends.

sassi kitchen chocolate chip brioche swirls
sassi kitchen chocolate chip brioche swirls