Sassi Kitchen
Sassi Kitchen

Voltron had to be included.

Hi there!

And welcome to our kitchen on a street named Sassi.

I’m Michelle. I’m a mom of two living north of NYC. Traveling to and from work takes up a good chunk of time, so the weekends are when make pies, cookies and cakes. I also love making salads and stews, along with literally anything else I can get my kids to eat.

Ever since I was little, homemade food just equaled “love”.

My grandmas made their own everything, and we never would have dreamed of buying a cake for a birthday. It just wasn’t done.

At the same time, I’m all about keeping it simple and sharing this love with my kids.

We hope you have as much fun as we do.

Disclaimer #1: I do not proclaim to be an expert on anything.

Disclaimer #2: Food will not actually make your kids be nice to each other. At least one child tapped the other one over the head during the making of these photos.